Dombrowski: Red Sox not trying to lure Ortiz out of retirement

The Boston Red Sox have no plans to tempt David Ortiz out of retirement after luring Chris Sale to Fenway Park.

Boston made a bold move earlier this week, swapping top MLB prospects for Chicago White Sox ace Sale in an attempt to win a World Series next season.

In a corresponding move, Boston fans wondered if the big splash could lure Ortiz out of retirement early.

But Red Sox president of operations Dave Dombrowski said he is not going to disturb 'Big Papi'.

"I wouldn't want to reach out to him," Dombrowski said, via the Providence Journal on Wednesday. "I wouldn't want to keep bothering him."

The commotion was caused by Ortiz releasing an Instagram post reacting to the Sale trade.

"My boy sale to Btown? You guys got me thinking," he wrote. 

Naturally, baseball fans went wild with the possible implications of his not-so-vague post.

It is worth noting that even if Ortiz were to remove himself from the voluntary retired list, he would have to sit out the first 60 days next season, which is why Dombrowski believes the future Hall of Famer is just kidding around.

"I know David well enough -- and I know that if he really had sincere interest, that he would call," Dombrowski said.

"It's just like when I walk into the [Fenway Park] clubhouse and he's working out and I say, 'Hey, you could play now in the shape you're in,' and he says, 'Oh, no, no, no.'"

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