McGregor not giving up featherweight title


Conor McGregor insists he remains a two-weight world champion despite the UFC stripping him of his featherweight title last month.

The Irish fighter became the first man in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time when he beat Eddie Alvarez in New York on November 13 to claim the lightweight crown.

He added that belt to the featherweight one he won in December 2015 with a stunning 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo.

However, McGregor was forced to relinquish the 145-pound strap due to lack of activity in that division.

The 28-year-old refutes those claims, though, and insists he remains the champion and still has the belt in his house - challenging anyone who wants to assume the title to fight him.

"I also have something going on with the UFC, they're trying to strip me and I was like 'Well, I ain't stripped. I still got that belt, that belt is still at home right now'," McGregor told a question and answer session in Belfast.

"I'm still the two-weight world champion, someone has to come take that from me. I see articles, I see stuff online, but I don't see the belt not in my presence. The belt is right there, there's two world titles at my home.

"Them belts are mine. Whatever they want to say, and they can say 'Oh we took the belt and now it's this guy's belt', you can play with those fake belts all you want. 

"Jose was ko'ed, Eddie was ko'ed, you're looking at the two-weight world champion and that's it. I'll say to the UFC, and I love their company, you're fooling nobody, you're fooling nobody with that.

"But best of luck to them, I still got them belts. Someone's got to come take those belts from me, physically. Not online, not through a keyboard. The keyboard warriors trying to take them belts away from me, [but] you got to take them belts off me physically if you want to come get them."