From rubbish weather to social media sensation, it's our Formula One 2016 alternative awards ceremony

Another Formula One season has passed us by, and the end result, if you hadn't already seen, was that Nico Rosberg followed in his father Keke's footsteps to become world champion.

But we could have told you that weeks ago - what you really want to know is who won the lesser-known awards right? Well, here goes.

Throwback tweet of the year

Nico Rosberg - Mercedes

This is a strong effort from the new Formula One World Champion.

The German looks resplendent in a red jacket as he strides around the Williams garage that his dad, Keke, would have worked in as a former driver for the team.

What they didn't know was that Rosberg was learning, absorbing information as he innocently wandered around. Now look - he's world champion.

The social media award

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton plays with Snapchat during a Formula One press conference - (Lewis Hamilton/Snapchat/PA)
(Lewis Hamilton/Snapchat/PA)

Almost certainly not the reason why Hamilton went on to finish second in the drivers' championship, but perhaps an indicator of his lack of focus - the Briton's Snapchat antics seemed to suggest he wasn't all that engaged with his sport.

At a press conference ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton, who was front and centre at the event, focused on producing social media content, such as making Toro Rosso's driver Carlos Sainz look like a bunny, rather than engaging with journalists.

The result was embarrassment for the sport and Mercedes, and Rosberg extended his championship lead to 33 points. #World Champion, right Lewis?

The 2016 Mario Kart award

Max Verstappen - Red Bull

Red Bull's Max Verstappen - (Luca Bruno/AP)
(Luca Bruno/AP)

The 19-year-old Belgian has come out of nowhere to add drama and spectacle to a sport which is in danger of appearing dull even to its most ardent supporters.

Max Verstappen finds late breaking where others fear to tread, but has trod on toes as well. At the Belgian Grand Prix his race etiquette was called into question by Kimi Raikkonen, who Verstappen collided with, blocked and pushed wide.

He went on to receive high praise however for his performance at a wet Brazilian Grand Prix, where, having spun, Verstappen made his way from 16th to third with some outrageous overtaking. We bet this guy is hell to cope with on Rainbow Road.

Celebration of the year

Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo won the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix, and so drank from his own shoe. That's a bit weird, right?

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo celebrates winning the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix - (Vincent Thian/AP)
(Vincent Thian/AP)

Can anyone explain why Nico Rosberg joined him?

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo and Mercedes' Nico Rosberg celebrate at the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix - (Vincent Thian/AP)
(Vincent Thian/AP)

OK, so Gerard Butler joined in as well.

Gerard Butler joins Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo in celebration at the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix - (Darron Cummings/AP)
(Darron Cummings/AP)

Clearly we're dreaming.

Farcical weather of the year

Brazilian Grand Prix - Interlagos

The 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos - (Paulo Whitaker/AP)
(Paulo Whitaker/AP)

To put it simply, it was just too wet at Interlagos this year, with the race starting under safety car conditions, and numerous delays.

Somehow, the race was completed, and it was Lewis Hamilton who mastered the conditions to win, with Nico Rosberg holding on for third place and Max Verstappen taking up the final podium position with a magnificent drive.

Emotional goodbye of the year

Felipe Massa - Williams

Williams driver Felipe Massa at the Brazilian Grand Prix - (Paulo Whitaker/AP)
(Paulo Whitaker/AP)

We're very sad Jenson Button is retiring, but Felipe Massa's Interlagos goodbye was emotion central, it really was.

The Brazilian driver has endured a dramatic career in the sport, from losing the 2008 World Championship to Lewis Hamilton by a single point, to the awful head injury he suffered during qualifying at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Massa's Williams didn't finish at his final home race, and as such he walked through the pit lane, congratulated by crew members. A teary moment for the Brazilian, and many of us at home.

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