Legend Lara 'signs' for Sydney club side


Retired West Indies great Brian Lara could be set to make an unlikely comeback after 'signing' for a fifth-division team based in Sydney.

Now 47, the left-hander from Trinidad & Tobago scored nearly 12,000 runs during an illustrious, 16-year Test career.

But while relaxing in a Sydney pub following a speaking engagement, he was approached by several players from the Bennett Hotel Centurions who persuaded him to sign a contract agreeing to play for the club.

"Someone had the idea of producing a registration form and he signed it," Centurions all-rounder Darren Wilton told the BBC.

"It was a bit like a supermodel being in a bar and no one asking her out. Brian was our supermodel. We asked him and he said yes."  

It is not clear when or if Lara will make his debut for the Centurions, a side largely made up of teachers, accountants and tradesmen.