Britain's Strongest Man Eddie Hall has made lifting two blokes look terrifyingly easy - again

The idea of lifting and pressing two full grown men may seem like an absurdity from a superhero film - but not if you're Eddie Hall.

Hall is Britain's Strongest Man and came third in the World's Strongest Man contest earlier this year - and now he's just showing off after making an incline lift of two friends look easy.

Hall posted the video of himself lifting the two men to his Instagram account with the caption: "When the weights are just too far away the other end of the gym I just lift whatever's near me."

Quite whether the weights were too far away when the strongman was in the gym we don't know, but we doubt there are many gyms that offer dumbbells that heavy and Hall certainly made his point.

Eddie Hall, Britain's Strongest Man
You probably don't want to mess with Eddie Hall (Mike Egerton/PA)

This isn't the first time Hall has been seen smashing out a few reps with his chums - literally speaking - he was at it four weeks ago too, this time with the added weight of a barbell.

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