England were playing a stormer of a match ... up until the last ten minutes


Being an England fan is no easy job, that's for sure. There are definite highs, but also bitter disappointments along the road.

This was something that was felt all too keenly by England fans during Tuesday night's friendly against Spain.

Throughout most of the match, England was comfortably ahead. The team was on good form, which was a surprise for most of us considering how matches have been going recently.

Jamie Vardy
(Mike Egerton/PA)

Most people were actually getting a bit vexed at England's strong performance: where was it last summer, when it really mattered? It almost felt like a waste in a friendly.

Many did acknowledge that Spain didn't have its strongest team on the pitch, which is perhaps why England dominated throughout most of the game.

England Spain
(Mike Egerton/PA)

Then, came heartbreak. Within the last ten minutes of the match Spain managed to slip in two goals, relegating England from a comfortable win to a less than satisfactory draw. As you can imagine, after the highs of the match fans took the blow pretty hard.

This is the final match of interim manager Gareth Southgate's initial four game run, and throughout most of the match people were calling for him to be made Sam Allardyce's permanent successor. But by the end of play, his future was unclear once more.

Gareth Southgate
(Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP)

Maybe the match wasn't heralding the new England that we had hoped for, and by the end it was back to business as usual for the team.

Football aside, man of the match Jamie Vardy's mannequin challenge celebration divided opinion: some people thought it was cool, but others weren't quite so sure.

Jamie Vardy mannequin challenge
(Simon Cooper/EMPICS Sport)

So all in all, a bitter disappointment for a team that seemed to be comfortably on top for most of the match. It's been an emotional rollercoaster, which is what most England fans have come to expect from their team.