Pressure situation an opportunity for India - Kohli


Virat Kohli believes India learned valuable lessons as they held on for a draw against England on day five of the first Test in Rajkot.

The tourists briefly threatened to claim an unlikely victory on Sunday, reducing India to 71-4 after declaring with a lead of 309 during the afternoon session.

It was left to Kohli (49 not out), Ravichandran Ashwin (32) and Ravindra Jadeja  (32 not out) to steer India to safety, the skipper leading the way as his team reached 172-6.

"At least we know how to draw games now," Kohli was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo.

"Before that, some people obviously were sceptical about our side knowing how to draw games. We won games or we lost games. I spoke with Jadeja out there [and said] that it was an opportunity for both of us to improve on another aspect of the game.

"Maybe in Test cricket in the future, we will have this situation again. Maybe we will have to apply ourselves again and show character. It was a challenging situation, but one that we countered really well, I thought.

"We looked at it as an opportunity for us to know how to play in this situation. The best learning is in the game. You can practice all you want in the nets, but only way you know how to make runs is when you understand how they are done.

"When you are put under pressure, if you bat out the innings, if you play a draw, then you understand as a team when you need to switch gears and trust your defense and slow the game down.

"Those things are very important to learn as a Test side if you have to be consistent over a period of time and not just a shot in the dark."

India have finally embraced the Decision Review System (DRS) for this five-match series, ensuring Kohli and his team-mates have something new to consider.

"One thing I saw was it's very important for the non-striker to stay as close as possible to the stumps," Kohli explained.

"From a little wider from the stumps, the line of the ball is never judged, you always feel like that the ball is straight but it's actually pitching outside the line.

"So that's what we spoke about, it's important to stay close to the stumps, keep figuring out where it's pitching and be more aware to help out your partner."