Watch the moment 20 mongooses invaded the green on golf's European Tour in South Africa


The European Tour's golfers were in for a furry surprise of pretty large proportions, as around 20 mongooses invaded their field of play.

The mongoose horde ran on to the green during the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa, causing play to come to a standstill for a short while.

Fortunately play wasn't affected too badly, with one golfer having a pretty lucky escape after the animals managed not to disturb anything despite practically running over their ball.

A Banded Mongoose rolls an ostrich's egg filled with mealworms
Mongooses are fans of ostrich eggs, so the players must be relieved golf balls aren't any bigger (DIETHER ENDLICHER/AP)

The sight isn't hugely surprising for regular users of the Gary Player Country Club where the mongooses appeared though. It's situated on the edge of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve, a 221-mile park that's also home to lions, leopards and elephants, among other animals.

For fans of golf the invasive little mammals were a light comic relief to a busy day of sport. Meanwhile, for those not prone to watching, it acts as something of a way in to the sport.