These photos from the 2008 Brazil Grand Prix can inspire Lewis Hamilton to glory in 2016

In seasons gone by, Brazil has been the final Formula One race of the season, and therefore where drama often reaches its climax.

That was no more in evidence than in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton secured the Formula One World Championship in dramatic fashion.

With that in mind, we thought Lewis could do with reminding of the glory of the 2008 Brazil Grand Prix before he goes up against title favourite Nico Rosberg this weekend in what is now the penultimate race of the season.

Remember this Lewis? Despite leading Felipe Massa by seven points when you arrived at Interlagos, it was his home grand prix. On top of that, he qualified in pole position and you had to start fourth.

Ferrari's Felipe Massa and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos in 2008 - (Oliver Multhaup/AP)
(Oliver Multhaup/AP)

If Massa won, you need to finish fifth or higher Lewis. With the rain coming down, the pressure was on - that's Massa leading and you trailing in fourth.

Ferrari's Felipe Massa leads the pack in Interlagos - (Oliver Multhaup/AP)
(Oliver Multhaup/AP)

Horrendous conditions, cars everywhere, and changeable weather. You coped with it all Lewis.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton leads a crowded group of cars at Interlagos - (Ricardo Mazalan/AP)
(Ricardo Mazalan/AP)

This is you leading Timo Glock near the start of the race. You'd need to overtake him again on the second to last corner of the race in order to win.

Lewis Hamilton leads Timo Glock at Interlagos - (Andre Penner/AP)
(Andre Penner/AP)

And despite pit-stops, tyre changes and confusing weather...

Lewis Hamilton and McLaren at a pit stop at the Brazil Grand Prix - (Vanderlei Almeida/AP)
(Vanderlei Almeida/AP)

...on the penultimate corner of the race, you overtook Glock and snatched fifth place...

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton at the Brazil Grand Prix at Interlagos - (Silvia Izquierdo/AP)
(Silvia Izquierdo/AP)

...and you became champion of the world.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the Formula One World Championship - (Ricardo Mazalan/AP)
(Ricardo Mazalan/AP)

Remember the feeling?

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the Formula One World Championship with his team - (Oliver Multhaup/AP)
(Oliver Multhaup/AP)

Celebrating with family and friends, colleagues and others.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates with Ron Dennis and his brother - (Silvia Izquierdo/AP)
(Silvia Izquierdo/AP)

You can't win it in Brazil this year, Lewis...

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton - (Tom Hevezi/AP)
(Tom Hevezi/AP)

...but you can make it possible.

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