Richard Sherman can't believe he gets punished and refs don't

Richard Sherman continued to defend his actions and says he will not appeal his reported $9,115 fine because it is not worth the time.

He also reacted to a report that the officials from the controversial Buffalo Bills-Seattle Seahawks game will not be penalised.

"And I am getting disciplined," Sherman said. "That's the way of our league. It just shows you every day they find new ways to surprise you."

During Monday's game, the Seahawks Pro Bowl cornerback was not penalised for his late hit on Bills kicker Dan Carpenter. 

The NFL has made it clear officials made a mistake by not stopping the play and not throwing a flag for roughing. The league did follow protocol by fining Sherman the standard amount for unnecessary roughness.

As for Sherman, he went on to explain why what he did was legal due to the officials' initial misstep of not blowing the play dead.

"People don't understand the free play rules," Sherman said. "The only reason people understand them to any degree is there are so many of them nowadays. They don't realise the plays are not called dead until the ref calls them dead.

"Spike the ball, the play is over. If everybody is going, they get a free play, they take a shot at the end zone. 

"We've won games like that. We have thrown touchdown passes. But when the other team keeps playing, you keep playing. There was no whistle, so keep playing."

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