McGregor shapes to hurl chair at rival in fiery UFC 205 news conference


Conor McGregor once again found himself at the centre of controversy as he had to be prevented from hurling a chair at Eddie Alvarez during an ill-tempered news conference to promote UFC 205.

Outspoken Irishman McGregor will aim to add the lightweight belt to his featherweight title when he faces Alvarez at Madison Square Garden this weekend.

He initially infuriated his opponent by failing to show up on time for Thursday's news conference, prompting Alvarez to leave the stage.

When McGregor belatedly arrived, flamboyantly dressed in a red turtleneck and white fur coat, he grabbed the lightweight belt from the American's vacated seat before proclaiming: "Sorry I'm late - I just don't give a f***."

There was almost a scuffle as Alvarez returned to reclaim his belt, UFC president Dana White coming between the fighters.

And things soon got more heated after Alvarez tossed a fold-up chair behind McGregor, prompting a furious reaction that saw the latter forcibly restrained as he attempted to hurl the item back at his rival.

A stream of expletives followed as both men proceeded to talk up their chances, McGregor insisting: "I'm going to shut this man up, trust me on that."

McGregor had previously suggested he would inflict enough damage on Alvarez to ensure "his wife and kids won't recognise him again".

When Alvarez demanded an apology for those comments on Thursday, he received the blunt reply: "Suck these big Irish b***s."