Brawn denies Liberty deal is done


Former Mercedes boss Ross Brawn has dampened speculation that he has already accepted a position running Formula 1 for the sport's new owners-elect Liberty Media.

Media outlets in both the UK and Germany have claimed that the 61-year-old has agreed to head up Liberty's dealings involving the sporting and commercial aspects of F1.

But while admitting that he has been working closely with Liberty, Brawn denied having accepted a specific role within the company.

"Liberty have not got far enough down the road to make any commitments yet," he told BBC Sport. "I'm doing a little consulting to help them better understand F1, but that's all."

Brawn went on to suggest that any future position he may fill with Liberty will hinge on what F1 Group CEO Bernie Ecclestone decides to do.

The 86-year-old claims to have been offered a three-year contract by Liberty, although there has been no official confirmation of that deal from the company itself.

Brawn and Ecclestone's relationship has been strained at times in the past, notably when the former ran his own Brawn GP team in 2009 and it is unclear whether the two would be willing to work alongside each other for Liberty.