Green wants to 'annihilate' Cavaliers in NBA Finals rematch

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has become quite familiar with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last two years, and he is hoping to renew acquaintances in the NBA Finals. 

Green's Warriors beat the Cavaliers in six games in the 2015 NBA Finals, and they held a 3-1 lead in last season's championship series before losing the final three games.

He acknowledged that there is a long way to go before that happens, if it happens at all, but the All-Star forward sure is hoping the two teams can parlay again. 

"I want to win the Western Conference, try to beat everybody in the Western Conference -- which is a tough task," Green told

"There are so many good teams. So that's got to be our only focus, to win the Western Conference.

"And then, if Cleveland comes out of the East, I want to destroy Cleveland. No ifs, ands and buts about it." 

Green added: "But I also know that there's steps to get to that point. And if and when we get to that point, I want to annihilate them."

Green prefers to look ahead instead of looking back.

He said he has only seen a little of game seven of the NBA Finals, and he does not really want to see much more. 

"Like I said, I can't sit and watch that game and feel comfortable knowing that this is game seven of the NBA Finals, tied up with four minutes, and we lost," he said. 

"Like, I can't, I'm not comfortable watching that. So I haven't watched much of it. I watched a little bit of it. But I don't plan on watching much more."

Green and the Warriors will get their first shot at the Cavs on Christmas Day when the two teams meet up in Cleveland. 

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