He needs to go back to school! - Red Bull duo round on Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is not a popular man at former team Red Bull following a dramatic conclusion to the Mexican Grand Prix, with Max Verstappen suggesting the Ferrari driver should "go back to school".

Vettel finished third on Sunday after Verstappen was deemed to have gained an advantage by cutting a corner late in the race, earning him a five-second penalty which was confirmed as the Dutchman prepared for the podium ceremony.

Verstappen's refusal to yield the position during the race forced Vettel to go on the defensive against fifth-placed Daniel Ricciardo.

Vettel did successfully keep the Australian at bay, but an incident between the duo remained under investigation following the conclusion of the race.

Referencing earlier incidents in which Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg both cut corners without punishment, Verstappen said: "Lewis gained a massive advantage and Nico went off and gained an advantage.

"I didn't gain an advantage. When I came back on track I was the same length in front so I think it's ridiculous."

The incident elicited angry driving and even angrier words from Vettel, prompting Verstappen to add: "It's ridiculous what he did.

"Daniel was alongside him and he just turned into him. Then he is shouting and l don't know how many times he is using very bad language.

"I think he needs to go back to school. It's just ridiculous. I will speak to him. He is always frustrated. He is just a very frustrated guy."

Ricciardo, who was classified as finishing fourth, said of his former team-mate: "He did what everyone has been complaining about - moving under braking. 

"He's smiling now but for me he doesn't deserve to be on the podium. He kept on closing the door under braking and in the end I had nowhere to go."


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