Broncos co-ordinator Phillips hospitalised, released after violent collision on sidelines


Broncos defensive co-ordinator Wade Phillips needed to be taken to a hospital in Denver after being knocked down by Melvin Gordon in a violent collision out of bounds in NFL action on Sunday.

Phillips' head hit the ground hard during the second quarter after San Diego Charges running back Gordon inadvertently ploughed into him, but he never appeared to lose consciousness. 

The 69-year-old Phillips was tended to be medical staff. They strapped him down, placed him in a neck brace and carted him off the field in Denver's 27-19 victory.

A Broncos spokesperson said Wade was "alert and moving all extremities" while being transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

He was released from the hospital later Sunday evening and is "expected back at work tomorrow," the spokesperson said.

Phillips joined the Broncos as defensive co-ordinator last season.