Griffin says he's in his best shape in 'several years'

The future seems to be bright for Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin, having been marred by injuries over the past year.

Last season Griffin tore his left quadriceps and then broke his right hand during a fight with a member of the Clippers training staff, which required him to miss 47 NBA games.

Griffin reinjured his quad during game four of the Clippers' first-round playoff series against the Portland Trail Blazers, which ended his season.

The five-time All-Star said he is feeling better than he has in a long time heading into the season.

"I felt great -- as good as I've felt in several years," Griffin told reporters Friday.

"It's kind of surprising, actually. I felt good going into camp, but you never know how you're going to respond to a lot of live situations and a heavy load. But I felt great."

Griffin and the Clippers have been working hard to prepare for their season opener against the Trail Blazers next week, and the former marvelled that he still was feeling good after gruelling practices.

"Playing back-to-backs or having several hard days of practice in a row and then a game and still feeling fine the next day, still being able to get all my work in and do even more -- it's reassuring," Griffin said.

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