Where exactly is home for former Feyenoord, Arsenal and Manchester United striker Robin van Persie?

The definition of home is an elusive one. For some it's where the heart is, for others home can be wherever you hang your hat.

For Robin van Persie, after these comments to MUTV, we're not quite sure.

"I am now playing for Fenerbahce," he said, "and I want to do well for my team, but of course it will be special to play at home in a great stadium with great fans against a great team."

Now in that instance it sounds very much like "home" could mean Old Trafford, or it could mean England - either way, it's got people talking.

But where exactly is HOME, for Robin?

Some might argue it's where he began his professional career; if that's the case, we're looking at you, Feyenoord.

Robin van Persie celebrates with his Feyenoord team mates - (David Cheskin/PA)
(David Cheskin/PA)

He managed to win the Uefa Cup with the Dutch side in his first season with the club. Not bad, eh? Sounds pretty homely.

Feyenoord's Robin van Persie challenges Borussia Dortmund's Jan Koller - (Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport)
(Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport)

But then Van Persie moved to England to join Arsenal, where he settled in by helping Arsenal win a penalty shoot-out against Manchester United.

Robin van Persie takes a penalty in the 2005 FA Cup final against Manchester United - (Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport)
(Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport)

Robin stayed with Arsenal for eight years, which we reckon is more than long enough to warrant calling north London his home.

On a side note, remember when Yossi Benayoun randomly went on loan to Arsenal for a season? Great times.

Arsenal players Yossi Benayoun and Robin van Persie celebrate
(Dave Thompson/PA)

Perhaps more specifically, RVP's home could well be Blackburn's penalty area.

Robin van Persie goes for goal against Blackburn
(Akira Suemori/AP)

And yes, that did go in.

Robin van Persie scores a superb goal for Arsenal against Blackburn
(Akira Suemori/AP)

The Dutchman scored 13 times against Blackburn for Arsenal, including twice in the FA Cup.

Robin van Persie scores for Arsenal against Blackburn
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

Just look at him, reclining at Ewood Park. That might as well be his living room.

Arsenal's Robin van Persie scores for Arsenal against Blackburn at Ewood Park
(John Walton/EMPICS Sport)

But after a record-breaking 2011/12 season, where he scored 30 league goals for Arsenal, Van Persie moved north - but was it home?

Robin van Persie joins Manchester United
(Barrington Coombs/PA)

Here he is, inviting Arsenal to Old Trafford for a look around.

Manchester United's Robin van Persie scores against Arsenal
(Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport)

And here he is back at the Emirates with his new club, knocking furniture over and making a general nuisance of himself.

Manchester United's Robin van Persie scores from the penalty spot against Arsenal
(Adam Davy/PA)

The former Netherlands international adorned the mantelpiece at his new gaffe with the Premier League trophy. Bit showy.

Manchester United celebrate winning the 2012/13 Premier League title
(Jon Super/AP)

But Robin only stayed at Manchester United for three years, leaving for Fenerbahce in 2015.

Robin van Persie joins Fenerbahce
(Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

And as his current employer, Fenerbahce has a strong claim to being classed as Van Persie's new home. It's certainly where he hangs his hat most of the time.

Robin van Persie appears in the Europa League for Fenerbahce
(Ivan Sekretarev/AP)

But is it where his heart is?

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