One Boston Celtics fan had his 15 seconds of fame and used it in the worst way imaginable

You're sat on the front row supporting your team and suddenly you realise: you're on camera. Your face is being beamed live to the nation.

Now the pressure's on. Think, man. You've got to make the most of the situation. You've got to do something cool. Something that will cement your place in the hearts and minds of all basketball fans as epically and undeniably awesome.

Don't mess it up now. This is your one chance.


Or you could do that. Okay, Boston Celtics fan. Not to worry. Maybe everyone will remember the game - a 121-96 loss to the New York Knicks - instead.

Or maybe they'll have the image of your face, drooling out your beer, burned on their retinas for the rest of time.

A Boston Celtics fan drools out beer
(ESPN/The Cauldron)

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