Wayne Rooney's wife Coleen comes to impassioned defence of dropped England striker


Wayne Rooney has been dropped to the bench for Tuesday night's game against Slovenia, and Twitter has been ablaze with amateur football punditry.

A series of derogatory comments about Rooney and his form online has lead some to show their support for the England captain - most notably his wife, Coleen.

In reply to a series of comments criticising the Manchester United man, Coleen wrote a series of replies to Twitter users defending her husband.

When one user responded to her tweet, saying people had the "right to judge" considering the player's wage, she said they were "not arsed about money" and that the press and the fans should be positive about their team and not just focus on one player.

"And you have a six-year-old son listening to them saying they booed their dad, it's not nice and money does not enter my mind or his or anyone close to us," she wrote in an extended reply. "We're not plastic, he's not plastic we are people."

Kai and Coleen Rooney
Six-year-old Kai Rooney has reportedly signed with Manchester United's youth academy (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Piers Morgan was one of many journalists to offer their support for England's top scorer, too.

Many on Twitter have since targeted their abuse towards Coleen after her comments, directly addressing her with their views. However, some users did think the public was asking too much of the forward-cum-midfielder.

Quite what effect dropping Rooney for tonight's match will have on England's future set up is unclear, but it didn't half make for a busy afternoon for his wife. She seemed to make light of it though.