Are Portugal destined to beat the Faroe Islands, or is an upset on the cards?


Portugal's next fixture in their bid to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia is against the 111th ranked team in the world: the Faroe Islands.

And with Portugal ranked seventh in the world and reigning European champions, it's fair to say they enter the contest as strong favourites.

Not to mention their 6-0 demolition of Andorra on Friday.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring for Portugal
(Paulo Duarte/AP)

Yes, the one where Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals by himself, including two in the opening five minutes.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring Portugal's fourth goal
(Paulo Duarte/AP)

Portugal dominated to the extent that they had 83% of the possession, as well as 40 shots to Andorra's three.

Portugal celebrate a goal against Andorra
(Paulo Duarte/AP)

Oh, and that was Ronaldo's 42nd career hat-trick, by the way.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring against Andorra
(Paulo Duarte/AP)

This is Faroe Islands goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen, who is rightly looking a bit concerned.

Gunnar Nielsen, Faroe Islands goalkeeper
(John Walton/PA)

But wait, who's this? Why, it's Joan Simun Edmundsson. He's scored two goals in his last four games for the Faroe Islands, scoring against Liechtenstein and Latvia.

Joan Simun Edmundsson, Faroe Islands
(John Walton/PA)

In fact, the Faroe Islands are actually second in Group B, having won one and drawn one, with four points. They haven't conceded yet, either.

Joan Edmundsson celebrates scoring for the Faroe Islands
(John Walton/PA)

Oh and we forgot to mention: Portugal are third in the group - below the Faroe Islands.

Cristiano Ronaldo goes down injured
(Paulo Duarte/AP)

What do you make of that, Portugal manager Fernando Santos?

Portugal coach Fernando Santos
(Paulo Duarte/AP)

Interesting - very interesting.