Hamilton shuts down press briefing after Snapchat saga

Lewis Hamilton refused to answer any questions at a Mercedes press briefing ahead of Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix, citing the reaction to his Snapchat antics at the drivers' news conference.

Hamilton, who trails team-mate Nico Rosberg by 23 points in the drivers' standings and qualified second behind the German on Saturday, spent time playing on his phone during Thursday's traditional appearance in front of the media.

Some slammed the three-time world champion for being disrespectful, while Hamilton insisted he was trying to have fun and break the monotony of what he sees as a tired news conference format.

Hamilton now says he intends to limit his interaction with the media in future over coverage of the incident.

"The smiles on your faces probably will be no longer," he said. "I'm not actually here to answer your questions, I've decided.

"With the utmost respect, there are many of you here that are super supportive of me, and those of you hopefully know I know who they are.

"There are others unfortunately that often take advantage of certain things. The other day was a super light-hearted thing, and if I was disrespectful to any of you guys, or if you felt that I was disrespectful, it honestly was not the intention, it was just a little bit of fun.

"But what was more disrespectful was what was then written worldwide. I'm just kind of in a position...

"Unfortunately there are some people here, it's not them that's done it, and unfortunately the decision I will take unfortunately affects those who have been super supportive. That's why I'm saying with the utmost respect.

"But yeah, I don't really plan on sitting here many more times for these kinds of things. My apologies, and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend."

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