Fury's positive test confirmed


Tyson Fury's trainer and uncle Peter Fury confirmed the world heavyweight champion failed a drug test after testing positive for cocaine.

The 28-year-old boxer opened up this week on his use of the drug and battle with depression.

Peter confirmed the failed test, but feels the WBA and WBO heavyweight champion is lacking support.

"VADA [the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association] has given official confirmation that he has failed the drugs test on traces of cocaine in his system," he told Sky Sports.

"It just highlights for me the despair and the depths that he has gone to, to even contemplate such a low-life result as turning to that, because we all know what that does.

"It doesn't help any human being at all, it puts you in a worse state.

"So basically to have nobody to turn to, nobody to discuss his feelings with, obviously it looks like he has turned to that. So again this is a sad, sad situation and I can only put it down to that.

"If Tyson was in his sound state of mind and he was doing that, our relationship would be terminated because I can't stand that behaviour, but I know where he is at."