Enner Valencia being pursued by police in a football stadium is the most bizarre thing you'll see today


Football has had its fair share of farce, has it not? Players biting opponents, others tripping over thin air and England managers lasting fewer than 70 days in the job.

But this might be modern football at its finest.

Enner Valencia had enjoyed a good game for Ecuador, bagging an assist as his side beat the Copa America champions Chile, 3-0.

But it seems the Toffees striker had other things to worry about. Valencia has reportedly been involved in a dispute over child maintenance payments and police were lurking by the side of the pitch during the game, having apparently failed to detain the forward at a training session.

Valencia then appeared to go down injured and was escorted from the pitch in a medical buggy, an oxygen mask over his face, away from the police.

And after a bizarre chase in which the police somehow failed to catch up with the medical buggy for what seemed an age, Valencia reportedly managed to escape the clutches of the fuzz.

Enner Valencia has a shot blocked by Chile's Claudio Bravo - (Dolores Ochoa/AP)
(Dolores Ochoa/AP)

In a report by Spanish newspaper AS on Wednesday, Paul Marin, a lawyer for the mother of Valencia's child, is quoted as saying: "It's lamentable that certain police officers didn't collaborate with the detention of the footballer Enner Valencia, to ensure compliance with a judicial order.

"If they say this man earns so much, why doesn't he pay (the maintenance) monthly to his daughter?"

Meanwhile, Valencia's agent Gonzalo Vargas wrote on Twitter: "Enner as a father has fulfilled, including legally he has fought to be able to have greater time with his daughter, unfortunately the matter comes down to $$.

"Unfortunately certain laws of our country have many gaps, where they sentence fathers who do their utmost for their children."

And what have we learned? That's right: medical buggies are strangely difficult to catch up with.