York City's manager must earn a 'positive result' on Saturday or he'll leave, and no one is surprised

A couple of months into the football season, and the sack race is well and truly under way. In fact, for some it's all over.

Swansea City's Francesco Guidolin was the first manager to go in the Premier League this season, and with league tables starting to take shape, question marks hang over the heads of managers all over the country.

Jackie McNamara looks on from the technical area - (Nigel French/PA)
(Nigel French/PA)

But rarely is a manager's sacking as imminent as at York City, where Jackie McNamara is hanging onto his position by the skin of his teeth.

The club released a statement after York City's latest loss, a 6-1 hammering at Guiseley, which reads: "It has been decided that, if the team fails to gain a positive result at Braintree Town on Saturday, the York City manager will tender his resignation."

That's quite a statement, but in fairness, it has been coming.

This isn't a statistic you want showing up on your CV.

The 6-1 defeat at Guiseley was seen by many as the final straw.

But still, McNamara remains. We'd maybe put the office refurbishment on hold, Jackie.

Still, it seems pretty pointless to make a decision based on one game.

There's little to suggest this weekend's fixture away at Braintree Town will be any different either.

The club statement continued: "The manager will be looking for a passionate and committed reaction from the players".

You don't say.

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