Pieters on PGA Tour? I doubt it, says Colsaerts

Thomas Pieters may have put on a record-breaking show during the Ryder Cup in America, but Nicolas Colsaerts does not expect his compatriot to join the PGA Tour.

The Belgian became the first European rookie to score four points on his maiden outing at the biennial tournament, which the United States claimed this time around with a 17-11 triumph.

With Pieters having looked so comfortable Stateside, where he attended the University of Illinois, many had assumed he would opt to compete on the PGA Tour, but Colsaerts does not believe that will be the case.

"We have talked about it a little bit," said Colsaerts in quotes reported by ESPN. "I don't think he would want to be surrounded by Americans 365 days a year.

"People think that because he went to the US that he only wants to play the PGA Tour, but he has shown at the Ryder Cup, with his shushing of the crowd [last Saturday] and the way he plays, that he doesn't like them that much.

"The years he was there were with [Illinois head coach] Mike Small were very precious and played an important role in his career.

"But I don't see him moving there and playing any time soon. He is happy living in Antwerp, where he has a life."

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