Magnussen: Fire could have been worse with Halo


Kevin Magnussen has claimed having a Halo system in place could jeopardise a driver's chances of getting out of his car if it was on fire.

During opening practice at the Malaysia Grand Prix on Friday, Magnussen's Renault caught fire following a fuel leakage.

The Dane was able to swiftly remove himself from the car unscathed, before the flames were put out and he returned to compete in FP2.

With Formula One looking to improve safety, the Halo has been suggested as one possible solution. However, fears have been raised it could prevent drivers extricating themselves from the cockpit quickly, and Magnussen believes that may be an issue.

"Possibly. I've never run the Halo so I'm not the best person to ask, but maybe you can ask some of the guys who have run it - and see if we can still get out as quick," he said.

"In my opinion, five seconds is too long if the car is on fire. And you don't want to take five seconds. It is an interesting question.

"It was no drama. Everything worked well on the car on the in-lap. I just saw the smoke and hopped out.

"I was already out when they [his team] were talking. I just felt the heat."