No one could keep up with the absolute explosion of goals in Celtic v Manchester City


If you found it seriously hard to keep up with the Champions League clash between Celtic and Manchester City, you're not alone.

After just three minutes, the Scottish side got off to a cracking start in their Group C match at Celtic Park, with a goal chested in by Moussa Dembele.

(Jane Barlow/PA) dembele scoring
(Jane Barlow/PA)

Celtic's incredible pace continued with several more chances but Manchester City started upping their game and equalised after 12 minutes, thanks to Fernandinho.

Then, 19 minutes in, a shot from Kieran Tierney made the game 2-1. Yep, there's no denying it was an unreal first 20 minutes.

The madness continued, with both teams attacking and Raheem Sterling scored to make it 2-2.

Sterling scores his goal
(Craig Watson/PA)

At this point, with 17 minutes until half-time and four goals scored, it became apparent that some Twitter users couldn't cope.

But could Celtic keep this crazy pace up?

Turns out they could. Dembele scored again just minutes after coming back onto the pitch for the second half.

Dembele celebrates his second goal
(Jane Barlow/PA)

But, you've guessed it - their lead was short lived. Nolito slotted a goal in, making the score level for the third time.

And 3-3 is how the score stayed. Phew...what a game indeed.