Chico Flores won Twitter with a couple of outrageous tweets at Sam Allardyce's expense

With Sam Allardyce embroiled in unfavourable headlines, now is as good a time as any to ponder some of the former West Ham boss's more memorable moments.

This clip, for example, is rarely out of sight for long.

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The incident came about when then-Swansea player, Chico Flores, was seen to be rolling on the floor in pain. Big Sam felt the performance was a little less than believable, and demonstrated as much.

And now Allardyce appears to be having a spot of bother himself, Flores has taken to Twitter to make his own feelings plain.

Chico Flores has appeared to mock Sam Allardyce - (Twitter/@ChicoFlores12)

Twitter's translation tool translates Marca's tweet as: "Scandal in England! The national team coach of football, Sam Allardyce, is in a mess..."

The defender, who now plays football in Qatar, proceeded to retweet people's reactions to his mischievous tweet, before posting something a little less cryptic.

Chico Flores tweets an image of himself and Sam Allardyce - (Twitter/@ChicoFlores12)

Chico Flores? Cheeky Flores, more like.

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