Aurier vows to 'continue working hard' for PSG despite prison sentence


Paris Saint-Germain defender Serge Aurier has released a statement insisting he will continue to work hard while he appeals his two-month prison sentence for assaulting a police officer.

The 23-year-old has been ordered to pay an additional EUR300 compensation for physical injuries, EUR300 for moral damages and EUR1500 for legal costs, though his sentence is convertible to a fine meaning he will not have to serve time.

While his legal team are appealing the decision, Aurier has addressed PSG's supporters, promising to bring trophies to the club despite this setback.

"Firstly, thanks for your messages of support," his statement read. "Like you have read in the press, I have appealed the first decision.

"I have confidence in the justice system and I expect a call to explain myself on the subject.

"If there's something that I wish to say today, it's that I have recognition for my club, its leaders and our supporters. I've read the same things in the press as you and I'm obviously very conscious that you are not going to like them.

"I've been lucky to make my passion my job. I'm going to continue to work hard at training and on the field, so the headlines speak of the trophies we dream of and we want to win with the team, for the club, our supporters and our families."

Aurier was arrested on May 30 in Paris following an assault on a police officer when his car was stopped shortly after he left a nightclub.

The Ivory Coast international's solicitor - Claire Boutaud de la Combe - refuted all charges against Aurier at the time and revealed the 23-year-old also filed a personal complaint alleging violence on behalf of the police.

However, a judge ruled against Aurier on Monday, prompting his decision to appeal.