'He doesn't have a f****** brain' - Redding fumes at team-mate Petrucci after crash


Scott Redding fumed about his Pramac Ducati team-mate Danilo Petrucci, whose aggressive driving brought an end to the Englishman's Aragon Grand Prix.

Petrucci and Redding made contact at turn 12 on the first lap in Alcaniz, with the latter hitting the deck and seeing his race ended prematurely.

The Italian, who previously received a three-place grid demotion following his crash with Eugene Laverty at the Red Bull Ring in August, was given a ride-through penalty as a result.

An infuriated Redding criticised his team-mate in strongly worded fashion, scolding him for failing to offer an apology.

He said: "I'm just disappointed really, because being team-mates, normally I'd give 10 percent margin more.

"But it wasn't the first time. He'd already had me in turn seven, so I knew he was going to come strong and I held out a long time into turn 12 and when we got to the full angle - boom, I went down on the kerb.

"I'm p***** off with the fact my own team-mate took me out. The fairing was broke, the handlebar was bent, you've got a bit of pain here and there. It's just not what I expected.

"We've had some close racing before, but it's not the first time someone has complained he's taken them out. He seems to make his moves late, very deep, which is kind of unfair. As you saw with [Eugene] Laverty in Red Bull Ring, it was completely impossible, and it was the same s*** today.

"He got a penalty, and that's two penalties in five races. It's kind of saying something. I'm just p***** off at him, and the first thing is he didn't even come to apologise to me. I've lost respect for him as a rider.

"He's a good guy, but sometimes he doesn't have a f****** brain."

However, Petrucci admitted he played a role in the crash and offered words of sympathy for his team-mate.

"He was really angry and he's right because I ruined his race," he said.

"It was not a crash of my fault, but it was my fault that he went wide. For sure if I didn't go inside him, he doesn't crash. I'm really sorry for him."