Dumoulin: Wiggins' use of TUEs stinks


Tom Dumoulin has likened the use of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) to cheating and said the Bradley Wiggins' historical usage of them "stinks".

Wiggins, who won the 2012 Tour de France and claimed five gold medals during his Olympic career, had private medical records released as part of the Russian cyber-hack on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The leaks allege the 36-year-old was granted permission to use asthma medication salbutamol from 2008, while triamcinolone acetonide was approved in 2011, 2012 and 2013 due to a pollen allergy.

There is no suggestion any of the athletes involved in the 'Fancy Bears' releases have done anything wrong or broken any rules, but Dumoulin - who was beaten to time trial gold at Rio 2016 by Fabio Cancellara, another athlete to have had records released as part of the hack - believes the regulations need to be changed.

"It is very strange that Wiggins always took the medication in the same period [shortly before the Tour de France or Olympics]," the Dutchman said in an interview with De Limburger. "And you are suffering from a very strong form of asthma if you have to inject the medication.

"They don't do that with regular asthma patients, let alone athletes who are suffering from exercise-induced asthma. And Wiggins' syringe appeared to be working for weeks on end as well. If it's up to me, you do not race for weeks on end either in that case. 

"This case stinks.

"I never considered requesting a medical certificate [TUE]. Isn't it cheating? Fooling around with medical certificates happens a lot and is part of the sport it seems. I get the feeling those certificates get approved in advance.

"The system simply does not work. Publish the medical certificates and everyone knows what you are up to. If that gets us closer to a clean sport, I am all in favour."

A spokesperson for Wiggins last week stated the leaks did nothing to discredit the cyclist, saying: "There's nothing new here. Everyone knows Brad suffers from asthma; his medical treatment is BC [British Cycling] and UCI approved and like all Team GB athletes he follows WADA regulations to the letter.

"The leak of these records is an attempt to undermine the credibility of WADA and that's something for them to deal with."

Wiggins has also refuted any link between himself and disgraced Belgian doctor Geert Leinders, with the dates of his TUEs coinciding with the time the medic, now banned for life by anti-doping agencies, and himself spent at Team Sky.