Alistair Brownlee shows what brotherly love is made of as he helps Jonny cross finish line

Alistair Brownlee proved he was UK sport's best older brother as he caught his exhausted sibling Jonny floundering just 700m from the finish line of the World Triathlon Series.

Jonny went into the final race of the season in Cozumel, Mexico in second place in the standings behind Spaniard Mario Mola, with Olympic champion Alistair out of contention having missed earlier races.

Jonny needed to win the race and Mola finish no higher than fourth, and that was exactly what looked set to happen after the brothers had again pushed the pace hard on the swim and bike legs.

Jonny was leading comfortably heading into the final kilometre of the 10km run but then the heat began to take its toll and he started to weave across the course.

South African Henri Schoeman, who won bronze behind the Brownlees in Rio, overtook Jonny to win the race.

Jonny stopped at the side of the road but Alistair, who had been running comfortably in third, put his arm around his brother and all but carried him along the final few hundred metres and then pushed him across the line.

By finishing second with Mola in fifth, it was the Spaniard who took the title by just four points.

Alistair suffered similar drama in Hyde Park in 2010, and he told the BBC: "It's an awful position to be in.

"If he'd conked out before the finish line and there wasn't medical support it could have been really dangerous.

(Anna Gowthorpe/PA)
Alistair Brownlee is the only athlete to win two Olympic golds for the triathlon (Anna Gowthorpe/PA)

"It was a natural human reaction to my brother but for anyone I would have done the same thing. I think it's as close to death as you can be in sport."

Not that Alistair was all sympathy, with the two-time Olympic champion adding: "I wish the flipping idiot had just paced it right and won the race. He could have jogged the last 2km."

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