Andrew Steele live tweets his bronze medal win after an eight-year delay


Imagine being awarded an Olympic medal eight years after you actually competed. No elation as you cross the finish line, no moment on the podium, no cheers from the crowd; just a series of tweets to acknowledge how odd it all is.

This is what happened to now Olympic bronze medallist Andrew Steele and his British 4×400 relay team-mates Martyn Rooney, Rob Tobin and Michael Bingham, as the disqualification of the Russian team from the 2008 Beijing Olympics pushed them into bronze position.

Steele competes in a heat at Beijing (Mark J. Terrill/AP)
(Mark J. Terrill/AP)

As part of a swathe of doping disqualifications mainly affecting the Russian Olympic team, athlete Denis Alekseyev was disqualified on Tuesday as part of an IOC ruling.

As Alekseyev was part of the bronze-medal-winning 4×400 Russian relay team, this means the entire team has been stripped of their medals.

It was all a bit strange for Andrew Steele, who took to Twitter to talk about the belated win in hilarious style.

He even gave himself a mini medal ceremony, to make up for the one TeamGB missed in Beijing.

The tweets took a more serious tone after the initial joking around, with Steele questioning how life may have been different if he had been able to pick up the bronze at the time.

He shared his insecurities about his career and how they have shaped him.

The sunny outlook came right back though, with this amusing finish to Steele's epic twitter coverage.

The IOC has ordered the Russian 4×400 relay team to return its medals, pins and diplomas as soon as possible. Whether these exact ones will be presented to the British team is as yet unknown.

Well done Andrew and the rest of the Team GB relay runners. We salute you.