Rossi, Lorenzo at odds over 'aggressive' overtake

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo engaged in a fascinating disagreement over an overtaking move from the Italian during Sunday's San Marino Grand Prix.

Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa took his first victory of the season in Misano, with Movistar Yamaha team-mates Rossi and Lorenzo completing the podium.

In the post-race news conference, both Rossi and Lorenzo were asked for their opinions on a daring pass that the former pulled off early in the race.

After Rossi had highlighted the difficulty of overtaking at the circuit, Lorenzo suggested his colleague had been rash in diving up the inside.

"Well, if you ask this question, it's because maybe the move is aggressive. Because if not, you don't have this question," reasoned the Spaniard.

"You can have different opinions. My opinion was that the overtaking was maybe too aggressive. He didn't need to make this overtake - but you know, it's his style, other riders overtake more clean."

That comment prompted laughter from Rossi and sparked the following exchange, which saw both men express differences in opinion, albeit often with smiles on their faces.


Rossi: It's not true. Try to look, another time, at the overtake on the television.

Lorenzo: If I don't put the bike straight, we crash together. Maybe you don't crash, but I crash, for sure.

Rossi: What are you saying? It is not true. I don't know what I have to [say] with you, what I have to say with [Marc] Marquez in Silverstone, when he overtakes 10 times like this. Why are you saying like this, it's not true. 

Lorenzo: Well, it's your opinion. This is my opinion, respect my opinion.

Rossi: Also you overtake always aggressive. Why you say me?

Lorenzo: When?

Rossi: At this moment I don't remember, but if you check the race, if you check the tape, 100 times to me.

Lorenzo: Well, don't laugh [smiling], respect my opinion, it's my opinion. Race direction will have another opinion. 

Rossi: Why don't you check the images?

Lorenzo: I haven't checked the images, I will see. But for me, if I don't put the bike straight, I crash.

Rossi: Ok [smiling]. I don't agree.


Following the exchange, Lorenzo added: "For me, he didn't need to do this overtaking. He was better today, he would've passed me anyway sooner or later. He didn't need to be so aggressive on me, I think. But, anyway, he will have another opinion, of course."

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