Dirk Kuyt may have just killed the Dab


The Dab has become a mainstay of popular culture since the start of the year, as a celebratory dance move for sports stars everywhere.

The move involves a dancer throwing their hands to one angle in the air in a move that resembles sneezing (apparently). Many sports stars have used it and pulled it off to great effect.

Paul Pogba did it.

Paul Pogba does the Dab playing for France
(Michael Sohn/AP)

Jesse Lingard did it.

Manchester United's Jesse Lingard celebrates scoring with Wayne Rooney
(Nick Potts/PA)

But now Feyenoord's former Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt has done it - and Twitter users are not pleased.

All this might seem a bit harsh on the Dutchman - he was only trying to get with the times right? Plus he'd just scored his third goal of the season, maybe he was overexcited?

Anyway, if it makes Kuyt feel better, it's fair to say Sweden's Olympic silver medallist horse-rider Peder Fredricson should have killed off the move a few weeks ago...

Peder Fredricson performs a dab during a medal ceremony
(Jae C. Hong/AP)

Nailed it Fredricson. Nailed it.