Claudio Bravo had a bit of a shocker on his Manchester City debut and everyone on Twitter went mental for it


The Manchester derby had talking points from goals, the individual brilliance of Kevin De Bruyne and, sadly for Claudio Bravo, poor goalkeeping.

Bravo and team-mate Fernandinho
City team-mates may need to console Bravo after the display (Martin Rickett/PA)

Twitter users were quick to condemn the goalkeeper's first performance for Manchester City, which had a host of shaky moments.

His spill allowed Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic to pull a goal back in the first half.

Only a few days before, Ibrahimovic had sent Bravo some training gear with a message on Instagram reading: "Welcome to Manchester! Here's some training gear, you're gonna need it. See you Saturday."

Clearly the mind games worked.

Bravo also nearly gave away a penalty with a foul on Wayne Rooney, and some think it should have been given - particularly United manager Jose Mourinho.

The performance left some wondering if they could return the £14.5 million former Barcelona man.

Some couldn't help thinking of Joe Hart, who was replaced by Bravo.

And some questioned Pep Guardiola's decision to opt for a goalkeeper who is good with his feet ...

Despite all this, manager Guardiola said Bravo's performance was one of the best he had seen.

One thing is certain, Bravo will need to look a lot sharper if he's going to fit in for Manchester City this season.