Redemption for Jody Cundy as he wins gold in Rio


It's official: Jody Cundy has won gold in the C4/C5 one-kilometre time-trial in Rio, after being so bitterly disappointed in London four years ago.

In the 2012 Paralympics, he was disqualified after an alleged gate malfunction led to a false start. This meant that his bid for a medal ended with a now infamous tantrum.

Cundy's reaction after being disqualified in London 2012.
Cundy's reaction after being disqualified in London 2012 (David Davies/PA)

Cundy had been unbeaten in the kilo since 2006 and was the world record holder. "I fell out of the gate because the f****** gate didn't open," Cundy said after being disqualified.

"I wanted to go and do a 1:03 in there and destroy everyone in front of a 6,000 home crowd. I'll never ever get this opportunity again. Never, ever." His tantrum also included hurling water bottles in the direction of the officials who had ruled he had failed to complete his race.

Jody Cundy
(David Davies/PA)

Once he calmed down, with the help of team psychiatrist Professor Steve Peters, Cundy immediately refocused on Rio.

His prosthetic leg, which attaches to his pedal and was made for London 2012, has been repainted with a treasure hunt design.

"I remembered when I used to go to the beach as a kid and the way I'd walk with my foot and the stump would leave a specific kind of pattern," said Cundy, who was born with a deformed right foot, which was amputated at the age of three.

Jody Cundy's prosthetic leg.
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

"My mum and dad used to say it looked like a pirate's peg-leg and that kind of stuck in my head."

The map charts Cundy's Paralympic achievements: his first Games was as a swimmer in Atlanta in 1996, and he switched to cycling in 2006 following Dame Sarah Storey changing sports.

Cundy swimming in the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games
Cundy swimming in the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games (Gareth Copley/PA)

Cundy won two gold medals on the bike in Beijing (adding to the three he'd already won in the pool), but always spoke of unfinished business after his disappointment in London.

Now, Cundy has redemption by claiming gold in the event he sees as his own, and Twitter is going mad for it.

However, some people take issue with Cundy's victory being called a "redemption", arguing that he wasn't at fault in London.

Safe to say that Rio is going to be a tantrum-free zone for Cundy.