God wanted me to stay at Wolfsburg - Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez has claimed God wanted him to stay at Wolfsburg.

The Swiss left-back was linked with clubs from all over Europe, including Barcelona, Manchester City and Arsenal, but remained in the Bundesliga.

According to Rodriguez, it was not Wolfsburg's asking price that blocked a move.

"I guess it was just meant to be this way," Rodriguez told Switzerland's Blick newspaper. "God wanted it this way.

"You just need the right timing for a transfer and it's a fact that during this transfer window, there were hardly any transfers of players in my position.

"I don't think EUR25million is too much for me. I'm only 24 and I already have more than four years of experience as a regular in the Bundesliga and the national team, and over EUR40million has been spent on players with less going for them.

"To be honest, I don't think any footballer is worth so much, but these are the mechanics of professional football."

Despite the long list of sides reportedly interested in him, Rodriguez is content to stay at Volkswagen Arena.

"I have a contract here until 2019 and I've been here for four-and-a-half years and established quite a reputation within the team," Rodriguez said.

"Everything's good, believe me."

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