Mets sign Tebow to minor-league contract

New York Mets have confirmed the signing of Tim Tebow on a minor-league contract.

Fox Sports reported this week that around eight teams were showing interest in Tebow, with Atlanta Braves general manager saying "there's no risk" in signing the former Heisman-winning quarterback.

Tebow has opted to return to New York, where he played for the Jets in the NFL, but it is unlikely we will see him in a Mets uniform any time soon.

The Jets on Thursday revealed that the 29-year-old, who has not played baseball since 2005, will start his new career in the Instructional League.

Instructional league games are played in September and October, and major-league prospects are sent there to improve their skills. 

There are some doubts among scouts who watched Tebow's MLB workout as to whether he will make the grade, but the Mets are willing to give him a chance to prove his ability.


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