This neat football pub map will end your tiring search for a place to watch the game in London

Struggling to find a good location to eat your chips and talk about the offside rule in London? Have you missed kick-off after a long and fruitless search for a pub?

The folks at Match Pint have designed a map that lets you see where your club's supporters' pubs are located in the capital.

The map throws up some interesting results, such as the fact that Liverpool's pubs outnumber Manchester United's 14-1 in the City.

pub map 2

Does that debunk the myth about glory-hunting Manchester United fans?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Arsenal and Tottenham dominate when it comes to London, with 19 and 18 supporters' pubs respectively - with many pubs unsurprisingly centring around the stadia themselves.

map 3

Spare a thought for Southampton and Burnley fans however, who have no supporter bars or pubs in London - someone will let them in for the game though, we're sure.

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