IPC predicts Paralympics sell-out as ticket sales surge

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has predicted that the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro will be a sell-out, less than three weeks after it was revealed just 12 per cent of tickets had been sold.

Concerns were raised that events would be played out at empty venues after the local organising committee shared the disappointing sales figures towards the end of the Olympics.

However, the IPC now says that 1.5million tickets have been sold, and the governing body is optimistic about shifting the remaining million.

An IPC statement read: "Several finals are now fully sold out. The Paralympic athletes can be prepared to display their amazing will and skills in fully booked venues.

"While there are still around one million tickets available, the rhythm of sales suggests that all the 2.5million tickets will be sold."

Rio 2016 communications chief Mario Andrada added: "There has been an important change of the pattern as far as ticket sales are concerned.

"Firstly we saw a lot of energy coming from the Olympic Games and from people who just wanted to have access to the Paralympic Park at Barra.  Now we see people look for specific athletes and scheduled duels. 

"To see sport as the main reason for people to buy a given set of tickets is very rewarding."

The Paralympics have been plagued by budget cuts in the build-up to Wednesday's opening ceremony, with workforce, transport and venue funding slashed.


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