Gareth Bale set up a goal and scored twice himself against Moldova and so the Twitter love-in began


Wales fans were in a very expectant mood after their finest performance ever at a major tournament in the summer Euros - and they were not disappointed by what they saw tonight.

The team struck twice late on in the first half to take a firm grip over Moldova in the European World Cup qualifiers, and the deal was sealed in the second half by the one and only Gareth Bale to take home a 4-0 victory.

gareth bale waves at the crowd (Nigel French/EMPICS)
(Nigel French/EMPICS)

It all began in the 38th minute with Bale's perfect cross over to Sam Vokes to score a powerful header, followed swiftly by Joe Allen's goal just minutes before the end.

Bale was then treated to a gift from Moldova's Ion Jardan as he carelessly passed the ball back towards his own goal - and straight into the unmarked Bale who did not let that opportunity go by without a goal of his own.

Within the final seconds of injury time, Bale was awarded a penalty after being tripped up by Andrian Cascaval. And, of course, he scored again.

And so the love-in commenced, and continued, into the rest of the night.

Things are sure looking good for the Welsh.