Ex-Packer Sitton says signing with Bears not about revenge


When a player signs with another NFL team after being let go by their arch-rivals, the natural assumption is that he is doing it to get payback. 

But new Chicago Bears guard Josh Sitton insists getting back at the Green Bay Packers was not a motivating factor to sign with their NFC North foe. 

"Honestly, it didn't have anything to do with sticking it to the Packers," he said Monday, via PackersNews.com. "More familiar with the division, close to where I was."

Sitton was released by the Packers on Saturday and signed with the Bears on Sunday. The deal is worth $21million over three years, including $10m guaranteed.

He said his focus was getting the deal done and staying close to his home in Green Bay. 

"I wanted to get the decision made yesterday or today, as quickly as I can," Sitton said.

"I wanted to get to where I was going and be able to learn the offense and be able to jump in right this week. The longer it took, the harder it would have been to learn the offense. Chicago, they had me in first, and they got it done first."

He also cited weather as a factor, adding: "It's too damn hot in the South."