Rio 2016 exceeded expectations - mayor

Rio de Janeiro exceeded expectations with the hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games, according to city mayor Eduardo Paes.

During the Games the organisers were criticised for empty stadiums, power cuts, water pollution and ignoring the poorer parts of the city.

However, Paes has defended the organisation of Rio 2016 and says they have delivered more than they originally set out in their bid manifesto, tackling issues of housing, health and education as well as the construction of the Olympic venues.

"Everything that we said we would do, we did," he told a media conference. "All of the legacy projects were delivered on cost and on time.

"Actually we delivered more projects than what we said we would - we had 17 projects on the bid book and we delivered 27 projects.

"You're talking about a programme in the city that was not part of the Olympic legacy; which is called Morar Carioca. We have at this moment, more than 200,00 homes being urbanized in favelas in Rio by the Morar Carioca project.

"The problem is that when we invite the press to go to these [events], usually the press does not go. They'll go to the venues and the things in the nice parts of the city but not to the Morar Carioca projects.

"I can invite you to visit a load of projects there that are under execution now, and the city has more than achieved its goals in social areas.

"If you look at the figures, there was just some research from Fundacao Getulio Vargas that shows that the level of inequality and poverty in Rio has the best figures across the country, unemployment rates are the lowest in the country, and if you look at the figures concerning public health and primary attention, we've moved from 3.5 percent of coverage to almost 70 percent now.

"We've built 187 units of health now, and on Friday there's going to be another one opening right next to the Olympic Park.

"It was never the Games intention to be about making Rio the perfect place. It was never the Games of making Brazil a perfect place and solving all the problems to become a better city.

"So I'll say it again, that we'll do everything we can because we have become a better city and a much better city than we were before."

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