Rio 2016: Chalmers still in disbelief over Olympic haul


Having come away from Rio 2016 an Olympic champion with three medals, Australia swimmer Kyle Chalmers remains in disbelief.

The 18-year-old beat London 2012 winner Nathan Adrian to take gold in the 100 metre freestyle, while also claiming bronze in the 4x100m freestyle and medley events.

Chalmers' hope before his first Games had only been to secure a single relay medal, and he still is struggling to understand quite how he secured the trio.

He told Omnisport: "I still don't think it's possible and I don't know how I achieved it, so very excited to be with that gold medal.

"I was hoping to get a medal in a relay. That I thought would be achievable, but I definitely didn't think it would be achievable to get three medals and an individual gold medal.

"I'm a pretty relaxed person anyway ... that's definitely helped me along the journey. That's what helped me when I went behind the blocks against the fastest guy in the world and the reigning Olympic champion. To stand up there and race like I did is very exciting.

"I haven't really celebrated too much. I had the medley relay two days later so my mind went straight back onto that and it probably still hasn't sunk in that I actually won."