Price wants lifetime MLB bans for PED users


Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price believes the only way to get MLB players to stop using performing-enhancing drugs is by issuing lifetime suspensions.

Dee Gordon's ban for PEDs earlier this season broke the mould of what a stereotypical user was, shocking MLB and opening a Pandora's Box among its players. 

Gordon is not a prototypical home run-hitter like Alex Rodriguez or Mark McGwire. In fact, the Miami Marlins second baseman had just eight homers to his name before getting suspended for 80 games for violating MLB's drug policy in April.

But Price feels doping penalties should be more severe in the league.

"If you get popped, you can't play baseball anymore, period," Price told ESPN.

"I think that could be the only thing they would do that would scare guys away from it."

Of Gordon, Price continued: "I think that kind of opens the eyes to not just looking at the guy that's hitting 40 homers. You're not just looking at the guy that's 6-2, 250 and just shredded out of his mind. It'll help anybody. 

"He's not the home run guy. He's hitting the ball all over the field and running wild, stuff like that. I think that opened the eyes to a new realm of PEDs."

Price, who has never tested positive for a banned substance, said he would never use because he does not want to disappoint his family. 

"But there's some guys that might not be very close with their family or they're on the fringe of being a big leaguer or they're tired of being an average or below-average guy," Price said. 

"They say, 'I can do this. Ball out for a year. If I get popped, serve my 50 games, continue to work the way I have when I'm on them. And I'm going to make these strides, and I'm not going to get weaker. I'm going to be stronger than I was, serve 50 games, make some money,' and they're OK with that. I understand that. I get it. They have one chance."