How to fill the Olympic-shaped void in your life


Every four years seems like an age, and the two weeks go by in a flash. We've spent the entirety of the Games glued to our television screens, and now there's a huge Olympics-shaped hole in our life.

Never fear - we're here with a handy list of things to help fill the void, now that your time isn't spent gawking at gymnastics or marvelling at the swimming.

Take up a sport yourself.

The Olympics are truly inspirational, and definitely make us want to get more into sport. If Team GB are so good at cycling and taekwondo, surely we can give it a go.

Jason Kenny and Laura Trott.
(David Davies/PA)

However, you've spent the last two weeks on the sofa watching other people play sport, so ease yourself into it. Maybe go for a jog around the park before attempting the vault of death.

Maybe even pick a really obscure sport and begin training up for Tokyo. Trampoline gymnastics, anyone?

Catch up on world events.

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Understandably, our time has been wholly taken up by the Olympics for the past two weeks. However, it turns out that stuff still happened in the world when the Games were on (which seems quite rude really).

So it's probably time to pick up a newspaper and catch up on all those pesky world events that you've missed out on.

Go outside.

(Ben Birchall/PA)
(Ben Birchall/PA)

Sunshine. Fresh air. Remind yourself what it's like.

Talk to your friends and family.

Unlike a TV screen, your friends and family can actually reply to you. Try having conversations that are longer than "C'MON GB!!!" You never know, you might actually enjoy it.

Get some sleep.

Making sure that you catch every second of the action has meant a slight shift in your body clock over the last few weeks, and a lot of late nights. If you had to get up and go to work after watching Jade Jones win gold in the early hours of the morning, chances are you're going to need to catch some Z's to become a functioning human again.

Book a trip to Rio.

If you just can't let the Olympic spirit go, why not fly to Brazil and see the places where all the action happened? The bonus is, flights will be a lot less expensive than they would've been for the last couple of weeks.

You might even be surprised to learn that Rio has so much more to offer than just Olympic venues.

Watch the Great British Bake Off.

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The BBC have stepped in to help fill the Olympics void with the beginning of GBBO, so stay on the sofa and trade in the javelin for petit fours.

(Mark Bourdillon/BBC/PA)
(Mark Bourdillon/BBC/PA)

Get into the football.

If you simply must replace fill your time with more sport, the Premier League is here to help.

Hey, at least both have diving right?