Colangelo tells USA's basketball rivals to 'get your act together'


USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo refuses to apologise for the Americans' dominance of international basketball and says it is on other nations to raise their games in order to challenge them.

Colangelo's remarks came after the Unites States outclassed Serbia to win 96-66 in Rio on Sunday and claim a third straight Olympic gold medal.   

"I'm not going to be making excuses for anyone about our (dominance)," Colangelo said. 

"Someone said to me [after the game], one of the officials said to me, 'You know next time you play, you ought to play with four.' And I said, 'No, maybe the other teams better get their act together and compete.'"

Since Colangelo took over the program in 2005, the Americans have won seven straight FIBA titles in all. They went 88-1 in international play under coach Mike Krzyzewski, who has said the 2016 Olympics will be his last.

"Some of the programs are going up, some are going down, but the healthiest thing for the game of basketball is to have competition around the world that makes it even more intriguing," Colangelo said.

"But we're just going to continue to do everything that we do to stay on top."