Rio 2016: Max eyes history with 'The Whitlock'


Double Olympic champion Max Whitlock has outlined his desire to join the pantheon of greats and have a pommel horse move named after him.

Whitlock became Great Britain's first Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast in the floor event at Rio 2016 before following it up with pommel horse gold, having also secured bronze in the all-around competition.

The Li Ning and Kolyvanov Dismount are among the eponymous moves in the pommel horse, with Team GB's new hero expecting 'The Whitlock' to break new ground in the sport.

"I have to be a bit secretive," he told The Times. "I don't want my rivals stealing it.

"It's very technical, very acrobatic and quite dangerous. I'm not even sure if it's possible yet.

"To be in the pommel code is almost a dream. What I'm thinking of would literally be the hardest thing that's ever been done."

Whitlock admits to being baffled by the new reception that gymnastics has received at home on the back of his success.

"Everyone keeps telling me it's going to be life changing," Whitlock said. 

"I find that weird. I don't know what it means. Maybe I'll find out when I come home. 

"I've heard some amazing things about how it's been received back in England, the coverage and what everyone is saying. But I haven't a clue what that means for me, really. 

"I know it's been history. We've never had these results before, or this attention. I was told it was 10.5 million people back home watching the floor and pommel final, which is incredible. 

"That's just not what happens in gymnastics."

Whitlock already has a pub named in his honour - 'The Pommel Horse' in his native Hemel Hempstead.