9 stages of getting almost embarrassingly obsessed with Olympic diving

The Olympics is cruel really - for two weeks, we spend way more time than we probably should getting totally obsessed with a sport, often a sport that we don't give a second thought the four years between the Games, and then all of a sudden, it's over. Just like that, our new obsession has been taken away from us.

If that's how you feel about diving, just know you're not alone. It's been a wonderful, green-tinged fortnight of some stunning synchronisation, emotional Team GB medals and even the odd belly flop. Here are the signs you've got a little too into the diving...

1. You've started thinking you're an expert on the size of the splashes.

2. When Jack Laugher and Chris Mears won gold, you cried a little bit.

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OK, a lot.

3. It's become ever-so-slightly annoying when people still think the Olympic diving is only about Tom Daley.

Obvs we love you though Tom.

4. In fact you've been Insta-stalking all of the Team GB diving team some (most) evenings.

5. Googling "how to get into diving" really made you realise you've got a bit obsessed.

Especially when you consider you can barely do a somersault under the water, never mind into it.

6. When scoring the dives yourself became a thing you wondered if you're in too, erm, deep.

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You've been saying things along the lines of "Oh, that was definitely a level 3.8 rating for difficulty", "Oh, that execution definitely deserves solid marks, come on!" or "I'd give that 86.40 myself".

Basically, you've realised you belong here.

divers being judged by the poolside

7. Admittedly, it's been difficult at times not to just stare at the athletes muscles.

8. Meanwhile, you've really got into the sport's accessories.

9. And you've practised what it would be like to dive off the boards... but just dived onto your bed instead.

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Nope? Just us? Oh, come on, admit it...

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